start_aspvideo.jpgThe work on a music clip was both: great fun and a lot of work. Come and see some of the artwork I created for it!
(Click here)
start_sketchbook1.jpgMy printed LANDSCAPE SKETCHBOOK is available in my Etsy-Store now!
12 Euros, Softcover, DINA5.
Come and travel with me!
start_teneues.jpgTENEUES printed two 2017 SoulFood calendars with my photos and TEEKANNE an advent calendar filed with tea bags! - Beautifully printed...
start_asp.jpg(german only) Ein wunderbares Aquarellbuch für ASPs bezaubernden Song vom Knochenmann! HIER  zu kaufen - plus Song! Mehr dazu: KLICK!
start_deponia4.jpgBig surprise for all adventure game lovers: Deponia is no longer a trilogy!It is...DEPONIA DOOMSDAY! Happy me painted Backgrounds for it.
start_fireaward.jpgWE MADE IT! "Fire" won the German Computer Game Award, category "Best children`s game" 2015! We are all so happy!
Click on the picture to see more!

start_eier.jpgI had the pleasure to film and cut the video for Stefan Frädrichs "Gedankentanken"! Click THE LEFT PIC to watch it on Youtube. Click HERE to visit Stefan.
start_volt.jpgI illustrated the Cover for the boardgame VOLT, Heidel-berger Spieleverlag. I designed also the figures for the game,we didn´t finish them yet. Coming soon!
start_artfuckyeahxmas2.jpgI took part at the famous FuckYeah-calendar 2015. And at the new Artbook of Deponia (Daedalic). Where can u get the stuff? See links left in my news column!
start_fire.jpgSince last year, I am Lead Artist @ Daedalic`s Game FIRE! Ungh, a crazy neanderthal, tries to get back the fire he let go out at his village.
society6.jpgI am part now of SOCIETY6, where you can buy great art as artprints, but also pillows, bags, rugs and more - for a great value for money *click*
 start_deponia3.jpgGOODBYE DEPONIA!:
- last part of the Daedalic trilogy. I had the honour to paint Backgrounds for...
Click image 2 see the more.

start_notr.jpgOUT IN STORES NOW:
"The Night Of The Rabbit" - enchanting 2D-Adventure I animated for! YEY!
Click image 2 see the more.

start_planetarium.gif Funny work! - I wrote a shortstory and built a SuperSculpey Model for the Planetarium Hamburg. The story is about the first cow on the moon.

start_deponia2.jpgWOH! DEPONIA II is in stores now, and it already got a lots of great reviews! The whole team is so proud, so am I. Here are some of my animation for in-game. Enjoy! Oh and: Buy it!

start_deponia.jpgDEPONIA is a 2D-Adventure by Daedalic,a highly and often awarded gamecompany. I made tons of character-animation...

some of my work for theme-
parks, here especially for the Iran.

start_adidas.jpgADIDAS SOCIAL MEDIA
An animated Comic  for Adidas, showing their Social Media Guidelines a little bit more "funky" than usual.
I did Animation, Cut & Sound

start_cover.gifCOVER & PRINT
Artworks for Books or some-
thing printed.

start_31april.gifDER 31. APRIL
"The 31st april" - a shortfilm nominated in 2009 at the international Animation Award Hamburg.

start_bigrussel.jpgFOOD PHOTOGRAPHY
... made for "Big Russel", a high class snack bar located in Schwäbisch Hall.
I made also the logo design.

start_tv.gifTV BACKDROPS
I made a lot of digital TV Backdrops for quite big german TV shows, like "Mein Mann kann" or "Wetten dass...?", working with  Imagination:First, Munich.