SKETCHBOOK #1: Landscapes

My printed "SKETCHBOOK#1: Landscapes" is now available!
You can get it on   >>ETSY<<  or if you write me an email to mail(at) with your adress and the amount of books you want.

The book has 46 full coloured pages, Softcover, DINA 5. Every book will be signed. 12 Euros each plus shipping (1,45€ Germany, 3,70€ any other country).

Next to most of my urbansketches, it also includes a list of my material I use to draw outside.



Some of the work I did for the creation of a music clip of ASPs "20000 Meilen":

In order to be more free when cutting the video scenes, I painted much more at the borders than we will see in the final clip.
This was actually a huge painting, because we had to zoom out with the camera. So I painted the elements on different layers. Rino could create with those a nice depth.
<p>I painted just a few variations of the plants. We could duplicate them and give them another movement in Adobe After Effects.</p>


ASP - Der Knochenmann, das Vöglein und die Nymphe

(in german only)
Vor einem Jahr fragte mich ASP, ob ich den Auftakt übernehmen wolle für eine kleine Reihe illustrierter Songtexte. Der Song vom Knochenmann war mir vom letzten Konzert von ASPs Zaubererbrüdern mächtig im Kopf hängengeblieben. Genau mein Ding! Insofern habe ich nicht lange gezögert, als es genau um diesen Song ging.
Ich hatte eine wunderbare Zeit mit dieser herzzerreissenden Geschichte. Das Malen hat mich entführt, jedes Mal,wenn ich den Pinsel angesetzt habe.
Ich danke ASP für eine fantastische Zusammenarbeit und dieses atemberaubende Traumprojekt!

Kaufen kann man das Buch hier,mit Song:
Es sind noch ein paar Aquarell-Originale übrig, aber nicht mehr viele:

<p>Ein wunderbares Projekt mit einem wunderbaren ASP, dass mir den Sommer vers&uuml;sst hat.<br />Wann hat man als K&uuml;nstler die Gelegenheit, 30 Seiten zu aquarellieren, zu so einem wundervollen Text und obendrein noch f&uuml;r ein Lied? Quasi nie.<br />Ich f&uuml;hle mich geehrt und beschenkt, dem Knochenmann ein Gesicht gegeben haben zu d&uuml;rfen.</p>
<p>Das Cover</p>
<p>Das V&ouml;glein lebt im Brustkorb des Knochenmanns...</p>
<p>Kuschliges Nest!</p>
<p>Der Knochenmann trifft auf die sch&ouml;ne Tochter des Wassermanns... trotz seiner Sch&uuml;chternheit traut er sich, sich der Nymphe zu n&auml;hern. Nicht, ohne ihr vorher das V&ouml;glein zuzusenden.</p>
<p>Naja, wie soll ich sagen?<br />Bis zu diesem Bild ist es dann f&uuml;r ihn nicht allzu gut gelaufen mit der Nymphe.</p>
<p>Des Knochenmannes Wald</p>



Happy little me could paint a bunch of Backgrounds for DEPONIA DOOMSDAY (see them below)

You can buy Deponia Doomsday here as Download: STEAM
Or here as Box (8th of April 2016):  AMAZON
Here is the Trailer:




<p>Elysium Suites</p>
<p>All is...nearly...okay....</p>
<p>...but I had to destroy some Backgrounds..... ouch!</p>
<p>At the highest point of Elysium</p>
<p>All relaxing....</p>
<p>Suddenly: DESTROYED!</p>
<p>Something happened in the zoo...</p>


"FIRE" WON!...

....the German Computer Games Award, category "Best children`s game" 2015 !!!
The Daedalic Team is very proud and happy!
We worked hard for it, and I am happy, the people like the game!
For that reason, I picked out some of the concept art I did. Hope you like it!

If you want to see a little bit of the game while someone`s playing it, watch this:

You can see more of Fire (Trailer, Backgrounds) if you scroll a bit down.





<p>This is one of the first first first designs I did to convince Daedalic, I am the one to do the design.<br />I remember I did it in my holidays in southern France, what is a very good memory!</p>
<p>We tried some differents styles also for the background. This is one of them, and I still like it. It is more painterly, what we wanted to avoid later, so we skipped that one.<br />Also a more painterly Ungh design.<br />We had the idea to have a lot of symbols that can pop out above his head, but we realized that our Backgrounds are so colorful, that it doesn`t really work so well because of the missing contrast. Too much stuff in on epic.</p>
<p>Closer to the style we want, working at Ungh Design...outline and so on.</p>
<p>HAHA! A LOT of character designs for Ungh. Oh myyy, it was a long long long way!<br />I still like the guy on top. But he is a little bit too old for what we were looking for.</p>
<p>More of the Ungh Design approach. We finally came closer. In the end, we had to cut his hair a bit, because his head was just too big for holding items in a proper way and so on. He took over the whole Background nearly ^^!</p>
<p>Crazy Color Design!</p>
<p>Small steps to the final BG. A lot of details are important...what color has the shadow, how hard are outlines, how many colors, how many trees, etc etc</p>
<p>Very important: how is the nature design, trees and so on? Like you have already seen: I love a strong flow in my design forms.</p>
<p>Colormoods for one level - you will have to take a look closer to see the differences, but for us, those small things in color were very important for the final mood.</p>
<p>Creepy character design stuff for the stone</p>
<p>It was great fun to try out those funny small little ... things! that enriches our crazy world.</p>
<p>Building of a whole Background.<br />The start is always what the Game Designer needs for the gameplay. From that point on, I can start to make it beautiful.</p>
<p>Ladies time!<br />I prefer the one with the meat! It`s my Kill Bill version for the Stone Age :)</p>
<p>Some male design stuff.... unfortunately, the guy with his pet in the left lower corner didn`t make it into the game. I still love him!</p>
<p>Animal Designs for poor little Ungh</p>



Our small but fantastic Team at Daedalic is working since winter last year at FIRE, a small but fantastic, gameplay-focused crazy adventure.
Ungh, our main character, had to watch for the fire for his first nightly vigil, but he is too tired and...well...also not the most reliable guy. So the fire gets out and his village says : "Come back when you`ve got a new one, not one second earlier!" ... and so the journey begins.
The focus is mainly on gameplay and riddles, not so much on story. We work without speech and a special way to use different cursor. We hope to reach people of all ages. So come and join us.
Out in stores spring next year!



The release of the boardgame "VOLT", Heidelberger Spieleverlag, waslast week, end of january 2015 at the Nuremberger Boardgame Fair. I was happy to made the Cover illustration. The figures for the board are at work at the moment, I will post them, when they are finished.



Finally it`s done! "Goodbye Deponia", the last one of the trilogy,  is in stores now and the whole team is very very proud of its baby!
Here are: Trailer, a freaky Teaser the Deponia-Team made especially for ..well...for fun... and my Backgrounds!
Oh, btw: you can buy it HERE.

This is my Background Art - have fun!:

<p>Making Of of a Background I made....a lots of lines and work, but great fun!I hope you enjoy the stuff while playing! Was an honour to paint for Deponia.</p>
<p>For some BGs, I didn`t do the finishing color, because I already switched to another game project. But at least, I could do all the construction and colormood.<br />They were finished by some wonderful artists.</p>
<p>Discofever! This "Minigame" (it wasn`t "Mini-work!") is much more impressing in the game, because all the lights on the floor and from the cameras are switching in different colours when you move.</p>
<p>High up in the sky. Because the three rotors were animated by our 2D Animators, I didn`t paint them fully.</p>
<p>Nighttime on deck.</p>
<p>Daytime on deck.</p>



Cover & Print

Illustrations for Covers and Prints - made with heart and by hand!

Making Of and final Cover for "Lilienlicht", Traumland Verlag, out in stores 20.07.2013
These are the pre-designs for the Lilienlicht-Cover.
Motif for a tax office booklet
Motif for a tax office booklet
Motifs for a painting book for kids


TV Backdrops

From time to time I do some Photoshop Backdrops for famous german TV Shows, like "Mein Mann kann", "Wetten, dass...?" or "Bastelkönig". There is never much time,and so we have to finish the pics in 6 or 7 hours. Anyway - it is quite fun!


The Night of the Rabbit - Animations

This beautiful 2D Point-And-Click-Adventure is out in stores now (since 29th of may). It`s about the boy Jerry, who dreams of being a magician. Sometimes, dreams come true, but you can never imagine what comes beyond!
I had the wonderful chance to animate some magical stuff for the game...growing trees, cheesefire and more.
It was a pleasure to work with a wonderful and very creative team.

... you can buy the Game for sure @ Amazon:

Some Animations I made for this stunning game:

A magic seed grows to a beautiful tree.
Popcorn explodes in the sun and...
<p>This is a ghost locked into a looks much more impressing in the game, because they added some great effects onto it. You can see it in the Trailer (first one down here) in minute 2:05.</p>
...foxghost....the other direction :), back to the other statue.
...just a little, nice, atmospheric fire in the forest.
...the same fire used as a fondue for cheese...yummyumm!
Night of the Rabbit Videos

Watch the Trailer:
Get an idea of the game here:


Planetarium Hamburg

...this is a teamwork with Timo Würz and the Planetarium Hamburg.
The CEO bought once a statue of a cow in a space-suit (don´t  ask, why...), and since he bought it, it stays in the middle of the Planetarium arrival hall.
What they needed now was a story for this cow...Timo and me developped it. I wrote a little booklet to introduce the cow STELLA and her awesome story to the people.Timo made the Design, I made a model of one of the story characters (Juri, the bat) and we both arranged an exhibition with a lots of funny stuff!

You can find an official text (in german) AND the story/book as PDF HERE

<p>STELLA, the first cow on the moon. Part of the exhibition.</p>



WOHOO!! DEPONIA 2 is in stores now, and it already got a lots of great reviews - I posted the trailer for you.
Here you find some of my 2D animations for in-game.

Rufus, putting on a camouflage hat - to be unseen.
What a cute cat! I LOVE cats!
Rebell Garlef, entering a room where something&nbsp; WRONG happens....
Bozo, on the way to say "Sorry!" to his little aggressive girlfriend Mimmel.
Do not knock on her door!
Mimmel. Obviously angry.
Bozo, trying to fix his relationship-problems with his "lively" girlfriend Mimmel.
Oh! Seems that Bozo and Mimmel fixed their problems!
Rufus finally escapes from the monstercat-room.Outch!
Rufus, trying to escape from a room with a monstercat. Failing.
Donna - a girl with epileptical problems.
Donna shoots! What a lady! - I animated her, the other characters (they fall down in the game) were animated by somebody else.
Donna, leaving the room.
Rufus, sitting down to play "SchnickSchnackSchnuck"

2 D-Adventure by Daedalic - I made tons of characteranimation.

One of a billion doves I animated.
...hangin` around and talking to Rufus.
Prop Animation
A few actions in a row.
Rufus tries to carry his verrrry heavy luggage.



A few concepts/basicdesign I made for a themepark in Iran .

INSPIRATIONAfter we had an idea and story for the themepark we jumped into the inspirational part: drawing, drawing, drawing - whatever is in your mind. Everything is possible!
HOW DOES IT FEEL?To get an "feelable" impression what atmosphere could be in every part of the park (form, color, mood...) I made "Moodboards"
STYLEGUIDE...that is the base for every designer in the project. What is the look? What Design have the details? ... in the end, all should look all of a piece.
BODY SHELLOn the basis of existing concstructions for rides, our attraction gets a body shell, fitting to the relative theme.
ROUGH DESIGNSRough Designs of each Ride in the park. Every single one has a story, a theme, which was defined in the beginning of the whole work.
<p>ROUGH DESIGNSRough Designs of each Ride in the park. Every single one has a story, a theme, which was defined in the beginning of the whole work.</p>
BIRDSVIEWEssential work for each Themepark. - The Park from above... to get an overview.
Quick concept sketches for different Themepark parts
Theme Sketch for a Theme Park&nbsp; - "Cockaigne"
Theme Sketch for an Indoor Park - "Hollywood"


Animation Shortfilm

With Lisa Stachnick, I made this shortfilm (8:11),called
"Der 31. April" ("The 31st april"), which tells the story of the journey of an broken umbrella back to life.

I made Storyboard, Layout, Set Design and Animation.

It was nominated at the Animation Award 2009 in Hamburg as one of 7 international shortfilms.
You can watch it here:

STORYBOARDThousands of drawings are sketched - One after another, they show roughly the process of the movie.
STYLEThe design of the movie is defined in that step.The "Styleguide" is fixing everything. How are the lines, the form....
LAYOUTAn irriversible step!The Layout decides the whole "stage"... where can you find alle the elements, how does it look like, where comes the light from, where does the camera goes....everything! Fixed!
COLORCHARTBefore the Color is painted into the layouts, we create a Colorchart. It shows the colors and colorchanging over the whole movie.Every scene is defined in rough colormood.(Color by
BACKGROUNDThe Layout gets color!
ANIMATIONWith the help of the Layout, the Animation arises.First Rough, then cleaned and finally coloured. YEAH, it is alive!!!



Here some pictures I took for a premium snack bar.

The owner was a high-class cook and stopped that part of his career to go back to something "simple"and basic.

You can find more of my beloved Food Photography HERE.