Deponia I + II

2011 & 2012 I worked (and still working) for Daedalic, a very successfull and often nominated PC Gamecompany in Hamburg.
I was a lucky girl I could work as a 2D Animator at a huge project, called "Deponia". We all worked hard and full of love at that masterpiece, and so the game won a lot of awards! Wohoo!

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Here are the two Trailer:
Deponia I and Deponia II (Chaos of Deponia) (german), followed by a few animations I did for the games.

<p>A girl is chewing chewinggum....</p>
Rufus and a cute cat...but...what the hell does the cat in his coat??
An ugly and bored postman.
Rufus jumps into a lake that probably gives birth to a lot of health problems :)
Rufus tries to close his luggage...but something seems not to work...
Rufus tries to carry his verrrry heavy luggage.
Rufus tries to cross a ...well...not-that-new bridge.
Flying bulbs...why not?
Some nice Backgroundanimation that gives more life to the game.
One of three tons of doves I animated.
Somebody`s waiting and talkin` to Rufus.
Another Prop Animation
Prop Animation
Günter, der innere Schweinehund

For the cute Günter, developped by Timo Wuerz and Stefan Frädrich, I made this animation & cut to introduce Günter to the people who don`t know him yet.

Günter is a very successfull concept. You can find the books in more than 12 countries/ languages.

Günters Homepage is HERE!